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Website Design

Offering innovative designs with proper coding, I build websites from the ground up, according to what you need. From logo design and photography to programming to SEO and marketing, you're covered through the entire process. Check out a few examples below! Try resizing your browser window on each one to see the responsive actions :-)

Like what you see? Contact me today to get started on your future website. Serving the Central Florida area with my expertise and care, I hope to work side by side with you to create wonderful and lasting results. Read the bulleted points below to learn more:

  • Responsive Framework

    Your new website will to adapt to any screen size or device. From mobile phones to televisions, and everything in between, your customers will find what they're looking for easily. With an overwhelming increase of website traffic coming from mobile phones these days, responsiveness is a must.

  • Completely Customized

    Everyone has a vision. Those who run a business know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique product or service. When I build a custom design, it starts from scratch. From the wire-frame that we build based on your business needs, I then proceed to program the entire site line by line, by hand. This is craft work, not just a template that's thrown together. You benefit from this level of detail by having a completely unique site built just for you, and also the satisfaction of knowing your site is rock solid "under the hood," as I test your site over hundreds of different browsers before launch.

  • SEO & Marketing

    Properly constructed web sites will rank higher in search results. There's no magic bullet to getting on the first page, and the algorithms used by major search engines get more advanced each day, so the old dishonest techniques hardly work anymore. The most important thing is to have great content, and semantically correct code. You provide the former, I provide the latter. From meta tags to geo location tags, to the organization and structure of the content on the page, my attention to every detail will benefit you greatly. I also run a simple local directory and several social media pages that can help promote your Central Florida business.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    I love building beautiful and reliable sites. Because I take this craft very seriously, I make sure everything I create strictly adheres to very high standards. When I build a proposal you will see exactly how many hours are involved in the project, so you understand exactly what you're paying for. Bad web designers are like bad car mechanics who leave you with major problems that you may not even see right away. While an improperly coded website isn't as dangerous as a faulty vehicle, it can certainly be dangerous to your business. I will make sure your site is solid, and that you are not overcharged. By keeping this work ethic I hope to continually improve myself and my talents.

  • One-on-One Consultations

    I won't just simply sell you a template and call it a day. Instead, I put myself in your shoes and learn what exactly your business needs are. Starting from the right place ensures that we end in the right place. I fully support small businesses and love working with those who truly care about what they do.

  • Training and Follow Up

    A website is a tool. Knowing how to use this tool is vital to your success. Because I take such a personal approach to these web projects, I'll make sure to sit down with you and show you how to get the most out of your site. I help with effectively using social media, marketing and SEO, adding blog posts and shopping cart items, and more. I will guide you through everything and leave you with confidence (and really good notes).

  • Photography

    By combining the artistry of my camera with the technicality of your website, amazing results can be achieved. Get the whole package and save money and time by incorporating my photographic work with my web development. Artist at heart, geek at mind, I can bring to reality whatever you imagine and wish to create. Photos tell a story, so tell the one you want your customers to see! Browse through my Contributions to Google Maps to see what I have done for hundreds of local businesses.

  • Maps Integration

    As you will see from the photos in the link above, I'm a very active contributor to Google Maps. If your business has a store front, it's essential to have a great presence on the major map contenders. From the curious local to the passing traveler, you are losing business without a listing. I can help you set this up correctly, and give you full control and ownership of the listing. Listings also contain your phone number and other important details. My photography will focus your potential customers to key areas and impress them with style. The map listing can also be embedded into your site for easy access.

  • Support & Growth

    As your business needs grow, I'll be here to support you. I'm also an avid network engineer and computer consultant, so the sky is the limit. Projects such as setting up networks, servers, point of sale systems, and more can be facilitated.

Video Production & Photography


Need to promote your unique business in a unique way? Armed with professional camera gear, let me bring your project to life by moving into the world of video. By combining HTLM5 friendly web-sites with creative editing and lovely shots, DZ Productions can put you in the spotlight. From Music Videos to Event Coverage to Time Lapse Photography, I've got you covered.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your business is being represented in confidence and style. We create inviting, memorable images stemming from exactly what your business needs. From store-fronts to products, to candid shots and portraits, let our camera art add to our website science. Browse through my Contributions to Google Maps.

Information Technology

On-site Support

Networking Issues? Need some help setting up a new printer? Hire me as your troubleshooting geek. I have over 14 year of experience in a wide variety of IT situations, and an obsession with fixing the problem. Whatever your computer woes are, I will find a solution.

Business Intelligence

Analzying the right data in the right way can reap extraordinary benefits. Using platforms like SharePoint, the power is in your hand. Let me help you realize the true potential of your business. I can analyze your business needs and create custom-designed portals and data analysis solutions.


From small home networks to corporations spanning many countries, I can handle your networking needs. Well-versed in Cisco and SonicWall equipment, I can help you set up WiFi networks, VPN Tunnels, secure networks and more.


From hardware issues to website glitches, my job is to find and fix the issue(s). Is your IT staff struggling with a pesky problem? I work with teams too, so bring me on board to help them out.


My expertise is offered at $60 per hour serviced, plus a $60 travel fee within a 50 mile radius of Orlando. Longer trips will be billed at travel cost. Emergency jobs, dangerous work, and work performed outside of standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 8-5) will be charged at $120/hour or more depending on the complexity of the project. Availability depends on my location and schedule. All appointments will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.


Using media like a language, I utilize today's technological resources to convey the best message for you or your company. With years of experience in the print industry, I also offer graphic design services such as: Business Cards, Flyers, Photo Touch-Ups, Advertisement Design and more. These work hand in hand with your website to create an unstoppable energy.

The sky is no limit, so if you're ready to make some magic happen, send me an introduction through your preferred Contact method.

Designed for small businesses that need a big boost: ask about the "Kickstarter Package" where local Central Florida residents get a discount! (Download PDF)

More about me:

I have over 14 years of working and managing experience in the I.T. industry. From Mac to PC to Linux, my knowledge set includes troubleshooting, Cisco networking, planning, training, and more. My experience on the technical side acts as a solid platform for my creative projects. I also know the right people for audio engineering, custom illustrations, and more. There is no job too big or too small. Contact me via phone, email, or text, and let's make magic happen.

-Daniel Dodsworth

The limits of my language means the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein

I love working on custom projects, and will personally gather information about your business, on-location, with a relaxed one-on-one approach. I'm the developer as well, so there's no awkward middle man or loss of information between departments. At the root, I'm a problem solver who focuses on your business needs and creates solutions via digital magic. I code my sites from the ground up and cling to very strict standards. This translates into faster loading times and better compatibility amongst browsers, phones, tablets, and TV's. It also means no cheesy templates or broken pages.


Delta Zulu Productions 


The best way to get ahold of me is via email, so feel free to connect via:

Be sure to include your business name and contact info, and a brief introduction of what you would like to accomplish, thanks!

Call or text me at (352) 874-6315
Daniel Dodsworth (Delta Zulu Productions)

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